Dutch Drilling Consultants BV

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DDC is a specialist drilling company which is known for its sound consultancy
advice and special equipment solutions for both standard situations as well as exceptional drilling challenges. DDC works on-, near and offshore and is market leader on the OWF projects and a specialised partner in the renewable industry. Installation / Logistics Construction – offshore …

Dieseko Group B.V.

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Dieseko Group is the global leader in the vibratory hammer market. Innovation and smart engineering remain our unique selling points. Dieseko Group is perpetually developing new solutions and refining its cost-efficient pile driving. PVE Piling & Vibro Equipment is part of Dieseko Group building vibratory equipment for the offshore market. Installation / Logistics Foundations – …

CPNL Engineering

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CPNL engineers and supplies clever cable protection systems that reduce installation time, 26 cables/month (depending on weather), as proven in our projects. CPNL is known for robust and flexible bend restrictors, cable installation systems (I- and J-tube/tubeless), hang-offs and cable crossing solutions. Please feel invited to visit our stand. Component / Materials / Equipment manufacturer …

Central Industry Group NV

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Central Industry Group is a group of companies providing goods and services to the maritime sector. We offer quality design and engineering, prefabricated steel
and aluminum kits, container lashings and deck equipment. Through our own shipyard we offer turnkey vessel construction for our own designs or third party designs. Installation / Logistics Construction – offshore Transportation …

Blue Offshore Marine Services B.V.

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Blue Offshore provides worldwide transportation, storage and installation solutions for subsea cables, flexibles and umbilicals. These solutions include vessel’s deck and equipment engineering, FEM and stability analysis, project management and the rental of innovative modular deck equipment. We also provide offshore installation crew for loading, installation and other (offshore) support. Component / Materials / Equipment …

Barge Master

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Barge Master develops and produces wave compensated platforms for the marine and offshore/near shore construction industry. Motion compensation platforms for cranes or supply barges are typical examples of Barge Master applications. Barge Master provides increased safety and workability during offshore lifting and supply operations. Installation / Logistics Construction – offshore Cranes Transportation – offshore

Ampelmann Operations B.V.

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Stand no:30C60 / Holland Pavilion EWEA Member Ampelmann Operations is a high-tech offshore company focusing on development, construction and lease of offshore access solutions. The core technology is the Ampelmann system, a motion compensation platform that allows easy, fast and safe access from a moving vessel to offshore structures, even in high wave conditions. Consultancy …

Sif Group B.V.

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Sif Group is specialized in the manufacturing of tubular structures. Our markets are mainly the offshore wind and oil and gas industry. Our 200kt+ annual production capacity, know-how in the rolling of heavy steel plate material and best-in-class submerged arc welding techniques ensure highest reproducible quality and consistent productivity.

Typhoon Offshore B.V.

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Typhoon Offshore is the independent energy innovator with a unique expertise in offshore wind. Typhoon Offshore acquires permitted offshore wind projects and subsequently arranges all the contracting, structuring and financing to enable the offshore wind project to transition from paper to real spinning and electricity generating assets.

Green Giraffe Energy Bankers

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Green Giraffe Energy Bankers is a specialist advisory boutique focused on renewable energy, in particular offshore wind, launched by experienced finance specialists
non-recourse debt structuring, equity advisory, buy-side and sell-side advisory, contracting support, market intelligence, modeling. 21 professionals. Offices in Paris, Utrecht, London, Hamburg. We get deals done.