A fantastic futuristic view of offshore wind energy at the North Sea

By Chris Westra on

Stichting Natuur en Milieu , the Dutch Society for Nature and Environment, launched a plan to build a large number of wind farms in an circle in the North Sea . This plan is made by Rem Koolhaas’ Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

If completed, the ring of wind parks could generate 13,400 TWh of energy and help lead to European energy independence by 2050, comparable with the Middle East ‘s energy production.



OMA’s master plan describes an “energy super ring” around the North Sea that connects wind turbines in seven neighboring countries. It is a fantastic futuristic view and gives a European framework for future sustainable development in terms of spatial planning and renewable energy policy at the North Sea . It could be a focal point for each country in developing national offshore wind energy plans.

We@Sea partners can elaborate this master plan with projects, new technologies and solutions by using results of the We@Sea studies and Dutch experiences. The We@Sea roadmap, to be launched in February, provides facts and figures powering relevant policy measures and actions, and can be seen as a part of this plan: a building stone!


Of course OMA’s plan is just that: a plan. It mobilizes public opinion and put pressure on key policymakers in the field of nature and environment to make sustainability a corner-stone of policy and legislation, at the European, national and local levels. The idea of building wind turbines far from the coast is one that has not been fully explored, so it is a long way to go before becoming a reality. But inspiring views and plans are necessary to drive people! We@Sea is contributing to the development of offshore wind energy with respect for nature and environment.

The master plan “Zeekracht” is a component of the campaign “Zeekracht” of Stichting Natuur en Milieu (the Dutch Society for Nature and Environment). An other component of the campaign is the newly formed cooperation “Zeekracht” that intends to build wind turbines on the North sea . Citzens can become participants through www.zeekracht.nl (Dutch only).

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