Rometal B.V.

Rometal BV was founded in 2001 in The Netherlands by Mr. Van Utrecht as a machine building company currenty located in Klundert with production facilities of approx 2.000 m² to enable us to serve our different kind of customers and their markets with all kind of special steel structures. In 2008 we have expanded our …



VBMS B.V. is an experienced and trusted submarine power cable-installation contractor who specializes in grid-to-grid solutions for the installation of power cables offshore and onshore. We implement projects from engineering to operation and maintenance which makes VBMS B.V. a unique one-stop provider for the offshore wind, inter-connector and oil and gas industries.


Workfox B.V.

Workfox provides service support in the accommodation, lifting, construction and decommissioning segment in the offshore wind and oil and gas industry. Workfox has been the exclusive manager for the operation of the Seafox-fleet, owned by Seafox Contractors, since 1991.


Vryhof Anchors B.V.

Vryhof is the world’s leading supplier of anchoring technology and manufacturer of drag anchors. Stevpris Mk6 is the industry standard, Stevmanta is the deepwater VLA. Stevin is the industry’s workhorse. Stevtrack monitors anchor installation in real time. This year Vryhof Engineering Ltd. was established on the Isle of Man.

Vos Prodect_logo

Vos Prodect Innovations B.V.

Vos Prodect Innovations is a specialist in design and supply of patented articulated pipes used for the protection and stabilization of submarine power and telecom cables.
Our product range exists of: articulated pipes, I- and J-tube centralizer, J-tubeless cable entry system, cable crossing system, cable clamp and cable hang-off system.


Volker Stevin Offshore B.V.

Volker Stevin Offshore is a strategic engineering partner in design, management and construction of offshore wind farm foundations and fully integrated farm solutions. Together with the capabilities of other dynamic VolkerWessels companies, we can deliver the balance of plant to minimize risks and remove complexities inherent to offshore construction.


VizionZ Engineering

Engineering company providing innovative solutions for the cost reduction of offshore substructures. Through active improvement of the static and dynamic properties of the substructure design of our clients, we deliver significant material reduction and enable cost efficient support of larger turbines at greater depth.


Verbrugge Terminals

Verbrugge Terminals is a leading logistics service provider. Our terminal in Vlissingen is ideal for providing logistic services to offshore projects in the North Sea area. Our focus is meeting the needs of our customers efficiently, with motivated and qualified operators and state of the art equipment.


VDS Offshore Construction Terminal Vlissingen

The combination of skilled labour, equipment and a unique deep-sea location makes VDS your base terminal for any offshore project. Our terminal has a quay length of 250m with a draft of 10.5 meters (llws) and a construction and storage yard of 10Ha.

VDL Klima_logo

VDL Klima B.V.

VDL Klima develops and manufactures heat exchangers and ventilation systems for various industries worldwide. Engineering and production is seen as an integrated process and found in-house. With our high level of knowledge and state-of-art production technologies, you are assured of the optimal solution in terms of heat transfer and ventilation technology.