MME Group

The MME Group is the specialist in inspection, testing and corrosion. With 50 years’ experience in the marine and offshore industry, MME is also successful in renewable energies with projects in wind and tidal power generation. Taking cathodic protection to a higher level is the mission realised by our professionals. Component / Materials / Equipment …



METAGRO designs and produces operator cabins, housings, containers and sound insulation for the offshore and wind industry with their specific requirements. As a supplying partner, METAGRO wants to participate in your process to ensure a solution for difficult situations without concessions to safety, quality, or user friendly details. Installation / Logistics Cranes Electrical systems/connections Transportation …


Kersten Europe B.V.

Bending specialist Kersten Europe is actively involved in offshore wind. Besides bending steel profiles and plates we offer processes like qualified welding and (3D contour) cutting. Kersten Europe delivers bent components and complete constructions such as J- and S-tubes, bellmouths, thick-walled cones, cable access towers, tubulars for platform sections, etc.


Keppel Verolme

Keppel Verolme situated in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, is part of the Keppel Offshore & Marine group. Harnessing its synergy with Keppel 0&M’S network of 20 global yards, Keppel is growing its presence in the emerging European offshore wind energy sector with the provision of value-added services and solutions. Installation / Logistics Construction – offshore Vessels …



Jumbo is a heavy lift company offering transportation and installation solutions for onshore, offshore and nearshore markets. We operate a fleet of 12 vessels, equipped with a range of innovative equipment, with lifting capabilities between 500t and 1800t. We are proud of our track record of innovation, reliability and safety. Installation / Logistics Construction – …

JL Mag_logo

JL MAG Europe b.v.

JL MAG Europe is a subsidiary company of JL Mag Ganzhou China, with mining of strategic rare earth elements (Dy/Tb, Nd/Pr) at its disposal. JL MAG is specialised in design, testing, production and supply of custom-made NdFeB magnets and magnet systems for high-end customers. JL MAG connects “Mine to Application”. Component / Materials / Equipment …



InterDam is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of architectural items for offshore buildings. We are specialized in offshore transformer platforms multi-functional walls and doors that comply with: fire resistance up to H120; blast resistance up to 2.5 bar; up to 99 per cent EMC shielding effectiveness; 100 per cent air- and gas tightness. Installation / …


IHC Merwede

IHC Hydrohammer, IHC Handling Systems and IHC Sea Steel, part of IHC Merwede, offer a full package of offshore foundation installation equipment, either from our standard range of products or to our clients’ specific needs or requirements. Installation / Logistics Construction – offshore Foundations – offshore


Dutch Drilling Consultants BV

DDC is a specialist drilling company which is known for its sound consultancy
advice and special equipment solutions for both standard situations as well as exceptional drilling challenges. DDC works on-, near and offshore and is market leader on the OWF projects and a specialised partner in the renewable industry. Installation / Logistics Construction – offshore …


Dieseko Group B.V.

Dieseko Group is the global leader in the vibratory hammer market. Innovation and smart engineering remain our unique selling points. Dieseko Group is perpetually developing new solutions and refining its cost-efficient pile driving. PVE Piling & Vibro Equipment is part of Dieseko Group building vibratory equipment for the offshore market. Installation / Logistics Foundations – …