Innovatie Marine and Offshore Solutions

GeoSea is the specialised DEME company focusing on installations for the construction of jetty foundations and mooring systems, rock socketing, the installation of offshore structures, offshore wind farms and geotechnical investigations at large depths.


GeoSea has grown to be a reliable and recognized services provider in the field of green energy development.

We offer first-class offshore contracting solutions to global clients. GeoSea has the skills, the technology, and the equipment to perform in the most challenging marine environment. Always working closely with our clients, we understand what it takes to define and deliver a project cost-effectively, safely, and on time.

With our focus on the future we are proud to present our new self elevating platform “Neptune” which is now the largest platform in our fleet. It is self-propelled DP2 and will stand on legs of as much as 90m.

Backed by DEME, the company is known for its technical expertise, experience, reliability and total capability on finding and completing global solutions to client marine engineering problems.