Intramar Insurances

Complete Assurance from Bespoke Insurance

Equipement: no ’empty hands’ with INTRAMAR insurances!

Offering comprehensive cover for all types of tools, equipment, etc. All items insured, irrespective of locations or use: whilst at your premises or workshop but also during transport and working onshore/offshore/subsea…


Offshore wind farms: keep on turning with INTRAMAR insurances!

We offer all types of insurance covers for (sub-)contractors, suppliers, surveyors, etc. irrespective the work locations. Liabilies, Construction All Risks (CAR), cover for subsea equipment like trenchers, ROV’s and cover for all vessel types…

International risks: enlarge your playing field with INTRAMAR insurances!

Our experience with international risks can help your company to exceed borders. Both with working for foreign Principals and foreign employees or freelancers we offer comprehensive services for your worldwide activities…