The We@Sea R&D programme

Wind energy has demonstrated its potential — an emissions and pollution-free source of energy. Offshore Wind energy is being developed by many committed companies and institutes around the North Sea. From it’s judge potential it is clear that offshore wind is needed to reach the national and European renewables target. The We@Sea programme provides an excellent opportunity for gaining knowledge and experience and exchanging information on technology and projects with industries and project developers. The We@Sea programme was built on extensive knowledge and know-how of it’s partners. Most of the partners have gained experience in the first Dutch offshore wind energy projects, Offshore Wind farm Egmond aan Zee and Wind Farm Q7. The We@Sea partners are also involved in international research and projects.

The first European offshore projects show many uncertainties and lack of knowledge inherent in the construction and operation of wind power stations at sea. In the Netherlands there is a lack of comprehensive and consistent national policies on offshore wind energy. The regulations are not transparent and do not address the complex issues arising from this new technology.

In the consortium We@Sea more than thirty relevant offshore key stakeholders work together to gain more knowledge and experience.

The We@Sea’s R&D programme: “Large-scale wind power generation offshore, Towards an innovative and sustainable business” comprises seven research lines:

Research Lines

The output of the We@Sea programme will contribute to the dissemination of new knowledge and experience and thus also to the international development of offshore wind energy. We@Sea’s program offers an integrated approach to the development of offshore wind energy for a sound implementation at the North Sea.

The scientific output consists of:

  • PhD thesis reports
  • publications in peer-reviewed journals
  • contributions to conferences
  • contributions to international standards development
  • design tools, decision support tools.