The organizational structure van We@Sea

Organizational Structure

The elements of the foundation We@Sea are:

  • the consortium partners (council of participants)
  • the foundation committee (xx)
  • the programme office (management and secretarial support)
  • the research managers (tied to a specific theme)
  • the project assessment committee (brought together on the basis of expertise in a way that all the themes and aspects of offshore wind power are covered)
  • the research lines and projects

Representatives from all parties together form the so-called council of participants. this council should ensure the democratic nature of the foundation. Major decisions are to be submitted to the council for approval. For the realization of the shared objective and the daily performance of the work, the programme office was set up. For the financial management, the programme office is assisted by an external agency. The foundation does not employ people, but employees of the participants are set free to do work for We@Sea on the basis of personal qualities (application).

The partners are the most important element and they are relevant parties involved in the realisation of wind energie on the North sea.

Research managers

The programme also includes research managers. A research manager coordinates and promotes projects and activities within his own theme (research). Research managers report to the program management. Unripe and mature project proposals are discussed with the research manager and then scheduled. een projectvoorstel wordt altijd eerst besproken binnen de onderzoekslijn, met het doel samenwerking en afstemming systematisch en efficiënt te coördineren. Project proposal will initially be discussed within the research line, in order to fine-tune cooperation and coordination systematically and efficiently.

Research Lines