Multraship Towage & Salvage

Towage and salvage specialist Multraship is a division of the Muller Maritime Group. Its core activities include harbour towage, salvage and wreck removal, deep sea towage and services to the offshore energy and dredging industries. Multraship operates a modern fleet with tugs, self-propelled floating sheerlegs and diving support vessels.

The company’s core activities are:

  • Harbour towage
  • Salvage
  • Coastal & deep sea towage
  • Services to offshore energy, dredging & marine contracting industries

The company is a member of the International Salvage Union (ISU), the European Tugowners Association (ETA), the Royal Dutch Shipowners Association (KVNR), the International Association for Rhine Navigation (IVR) and the Central Bureau for Rhine & Inland Navigation (CBRB).