Offshore Wind Power: Essential Innovations Organised by We@Sea and Associatie Technologie Overdracht (ATO)

By Chris Westra on

“Essential Innovations”
Conference on Offshore Wind Energy

Watch the video’s:

We@Sea Conferentie
Ampfelman vs. Reinout Prins
Jan van der Tempel DOT Concept
Neal Bastick
Wim de BoomGustom sc


On February 12 and 13, 2009 the first Dutch offshore wind energy conference was held in Den Helder, the Netherlands, organised by We@Sea/ATONWEA.

Many participants told us they gained very useful information during the event and they considered it a successful conference. The conference offered a good blend of the first results of the We@Sea programme and presentations from developments in some other North Sea countries.

We enjoyed and benefited from the in overviews of the invited speakers from the European Wind Energy Association, Great Britain, Denmark and Germany. The number of participants (about 180) was just right to allow for good interaction between participants. Thanks to all delegates, without you the conference wouldn’t have worked. A second conference will be organized at the end of the year, probably in the beginning of December, where the final results of the We@Sea programme will be presented. We hope to welcome even more participants at the event.

Presentations of previous week’s conference are available and can be download here.

We@Sea conference Programme as realised.pdf

Session 1
1 Chris Westra.pdf
2 Hans Bais.pdf
3 Jos Beurskens.pdf
4 Filippo Gagliardi.pdf

Session 2
1 Guido Kumbatzky.pdf
2 Frank Strik.pdf
3 Jan vd Tempel.pdf
4 Neal Bastick.pdf

Session 3
1 Michiel Zaaijer.pdf
2 Arno Brand.pdf
3 Wim de Boom.pdf

Session 4
1 Thomas Stalin.pdf
2 Luc Rademakers.pdf
3 Harald vd Mijle Meijer.pdf

Session 5 and 8
1_Dennis Schiricke.pdf
1 Niels Erik Clausen.pdf
2 Han Lindeboom.pdf
3 Ruud van Leeuwen.pdf

Session 6
1 Jan van der Tempel.pdf
2 Reinout Prins.pdf
3 Arjan Gerretsen.pdf

Session 7
1 Ummels Hendriks.pdf
2 Jan Pierik.pdf
3 Achim Woyte.pdf
4 Frits Verheij.pdf

Session 9
1 Andreas Wagner.pdf
2 Chris Westra.pdf
3 Andrew Garrad.pdf

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