Offshore Wind Energy in the Netherlands

By Chris Westra on

Results of We@Sea research in perspective.

David Cerda Salzmann (TU Delft)

David Cerda Salzmann (TU Delft)



Frans van Hulle


We@Sea organised a successful conference on the results of the We@Sea R&D programme (2004-2009) on the large implementation of offshore wind energy in Den Helder,The Netherlands on December 1-2, 2009.

In 2004 We@Sea started, with the integrated research and development programme: “Large-scale wind power generation offshore” focused on Dutch activities. This project was divided into several research lines. The Conference was organised to present the final results of the programme. In 2010 the results will be presented in a book during a closing event of the programme.

The We@Sea conference was successful with about 150 participants with many different disciplines and backgrounds (policy makers, project developers, technicians, biologics and, consultants). The guests were interested in the results of the research and developments of offshore wind energy.
At the first day the main results per research line were presented and the international context by invited speakers as well.
The presentations of the parallel sessions during the second day were more into the details per research line.

In the agenda of the conference, presented below, you can find the different presentations. Move your mouse over titles to link to the presentation.


Program Day 1 (December 1, 2009)

9.15 Opening
Welcome Jos Beurskens (We@Sea / TU Delft)
Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Services Bertrand van Leersum (ATO)
Offshore policy: the Dutch Industry’s view Ernst van Zuylen (NWEA)
10.00 Electrical Power from the Sea
Overview & Results: Transport and Distribution Frans Van Hulle
Significance & Applicability: Integration of Wind Power Bart Ummels (Siemens)
From the perspective of the European TSO’s (ENTSO-E) Frans Van Hulle
11.05 Coffee / Tea
11.35 Ecology and Spatial Planning
Overview & Results: Ecological Impacts and Monitoring Jakob Asjes (IMARES)
“Significance & Applicability: Ecological Guidelines for Offshore Wind Energy” Han Lindeboom (IMARES)
“International Perspective: Contribution to a European Approach?” Henrik Skov (DHI Group)
12.40 Lunch
13.45 Offshore Wind Energy Technology
Overview & Results: Tools and Concepts Michiel Zaaijer (TU Delft)
Overview & Results: Installation, Foundations and O&M Luc Rademakers (ECN)
Significance & Applicability: Installation and Foundations Edwin van de Brug (Ballast Nedam Offshore)
International) Perspective: Technology Henry Seifert (Hochschule Bremerhaven)
(International) Perspective: Operational Aspects Allan MacAskill (SeaEnergy Renewables)
15.35 Coffee / Tea
16.05 Impacts of We@Sea and policy
Road Map for the Netherlands Chris Westra (We@Sea / ECN)
The FLOW initiative Bart Oberink (RWE Offshore Wind Nederland)
National offshore WE policy Albert van der Hem (BLIX Renewable Energy)
International offshore WE policy Jos Beurskens (We@Sea / ECN)
17.30 Drinks and dinner

Program Day 2 (December 2, 2009)

SESSION 1: Ecology (De Dukdalf)
9.15 Part 1: Ecological Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms on Benthos, Fish, Birds and Marine Mammals
Introductory presentations
Grey Seals and Offshore Wind Farms Sophie Brasseur (IMARES)
Discussion (chairman: Jakob Asjes ? IMARES)
10.30 Coffee / Tea
11.00 Part 2: Ecological Impacts of Offshore Wind Farms on Benthos, Fish, Birds and Marine Mammals
Introductory presentation
Seabirds on Wind Martin Baptist (IMARES)
Discussion (chairman: Han Lindeboom – IMARES)
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Part 3: New monitoring techniques
Introductory presentations
Robin Lite: a Sea clutter resistant radar system for monitoring bird migration at sea Addy Borst (TNO Defensie en Veiligheid)
WT-Bird for monitoring of bird collisions Edwin Wiggelinkhuizen (ECN)
14.15 Coffee / Tea
14.45 DIDSON: A new acoustic technique for studying fish distribution and behaviour around offshore wind turbines Bram Couperus (IMARES)
Discussion (chairman: Jakob Asjes ? IMARES)
15.45 Closing session with drinks

Program Day 2 (December 2, 2009)

SESSION 2: Technology (De Dukdalf)
9.15 Tools and Concepts (part 1)
Loading conditions offshore: Wind shear Ameya Sathe (TU Delft)
TURBU@Sea: Integral design and analysis of offshore wind turbines Feike Savenije (ECN)
A wind farm electrical systems evaluation with EeFarm-II Jan Pierik (ECN)
10.30 Coffee / Tea
11.00 Tools and Concepts (part 2)
System identification for advanced control Stoyan Kanev (ECN)
Large blades of thermoplastic composites Julie Teuwen (TU Delft)
Delft Offshore Wind Turbine Concept (DOT) Antonio Jarquin Laguna (TU Delft)
12.15 Lunch
13.15 Operations & Maintenance (part 1)
The Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimator to estimate future O&M costs of offshore wind farms Luc Rademakers (ECN)
Offshore access systems and the development of the Ampelmann David Cerda Salzmann (TU Delft)
14.15 Coffee / Tea
14.45 Operations & Maintenance (part 2)
Cost efficient load monitoring in large offshore wind farms for maintenance optimisation Tom Obdam (ECN)
Safety near offshore wind turbines Jan Tjalling van der Wal (IMARES)
15.45 Closing session with drinks

Program Day 2 (December 2, 2009)

SESSION 3: Infrastructure offshore (Schorpioen)
9.15 Infrastructure
Harbour at Sea: HEDEN Chris Westra (ECN)
Energy Island: Opportunities & Social feasibility Frits Verheij (KEMA)
On the need of Energy storage at system level Bart Ummels (Siemens)
10.45 Coffee / Tea
11.15 Electrical Infrastructure
HV/DC Interconnectors Arjen van der Meer (TU Delft)
Europe of Interconnector networks; Results of TradeWind Frans Van Hulle (EWEA)
12.15 Lunch (De Dukdalf)
13.15 No afternoon session – please join either the Ecology session or the Operations & Maintenance session
15.45 Closing session with drinks



Day 1 a - Welcome
day-1-a-welcome.pdf (312 kB)
Day 1 b - Dutch Offshore Wind Energy Services
day-1-b-dutch-offshore-wind-energy-services.pdf (2 MB)
Day 1 c - Offshore policy - the Dutch Industrys view
day-1-c-offshore-policy-the-dutch-industrys-view.pdf (345 kB)
Day 1 d - Transport and Distribution
day-1-d-transport-and-distribution.pdf (228 kB)
Day 1 e - Integration of Wind Power
day-1-e-integration-of-wind-power.pdf (1 MB)
Day 1 g - Ecological Impacts and Monitoring
day-1-g-ecological-impacts-and-monitoring.pdf (2 MB)
Day 1 h - Ecological Guidelines for Offshore Wind Energy
day-1-h-ecological-guidelines-for-offshore-wind-energy.pdf (5 MB)
Day 1 i - Contribution to a European Approach
day-1-i-contribution-to-a-european-approach.pdf (3 MB)
Day 1 j - Tools and Concepts
day-1-j-tools-and-concepts.pdf (3 MB)
Day 1 k - Installation Foundation and O-M
day-1-k-installation-foundation-and-o-m.pdf (1 MB)
Day 1 l - Installation and Foundations
day-1-l-installation-and-foundations.pdf (2 MB)
Day 1 m - Technology
day-1-m-technology.pdf (19 MB)
Day 1 n - Operational Aspects
day-1-n-operational-aspects.pdf (1 MB)
Day 1 o - Road Map for the Netherlands
day-1-o-road-map-for-the-netherlands.pdf (7 MB)
Day 1 p - The FLOW initiative
day-1-p-the-flow-initiative.pdf (713 kB)
Day 1 q - National Offshore WE Policy
day-1-q-national-offshore-we-policy.pdf (1 MB)
Day 1 r - International offshore WE policy
day-1-r-international-offshore-we-policy.pdf (6 MB)
Day 2 session 1a - Grey Seals and Offshore Wind Farms
day-2-session-1a-grey-seals-and-offshore-wind-farms.pdf (8 MB)
Day 2 session 1b - Seabirds on Wind
day-2-session-1b-seabirds-on-wind.pdf (3 MB)
Day 2 session 1c - Robin Lite
day-2-session-1c-robin-lite.pdf (6 MB)
Day 2 session 1d - WT-Bird for monitoring of bird collisions
day-2-session-1d-wt-bird-for-monitoring-of-bird-collisions.pdf (1 MB)
Day 2 session 1e - DIDSON
day-2-session-1e-didson.pdf (2 MB)
Day 2 session 2a - Loading conditions offshore - wind shear
day-2-session-2a-loading-conditions-offshore-wind-shear.pdf (698 kB)
Day 2 session 2b - TURBU-at-Sea
day-2-session-2b-turbu-at-sea.pdf (7 MB)
Day 2 session 2c - A wind farm electrical systems evaluation with EeFarm-II
day-2-session-2c-a-wind-farm-electrical-systems-evaluation-with-eefarm-ii.pdf (501 kB)
Day 2 session 2d - System Identification for Advanced Control
day-2-session-2d-system-identification-for-advanced-control.pdf (1 MB)
Day 2 session 2e - Large blades of thermoplastic composites
day-2-session-2e-large-blades-of-thermoplastic-composites.pdf (6 MB)
Day 2 session 2f - Delft Offshore Wind Turbine Concept DOT
day-2-session-2f-delft-offshore-wind-turbine-concept-dot.pdf (680 kB)
Day 2 session 2g - The Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimator
day-2-session-2g-the-operation-and-maintenance-cost-estimator.pdf (1 MB)
Day 2 session 2g - The Operation and Maintenance Cost Estimator(1)
day-2-session-2g-the-operation-and-maintenance-cost-estimator1.pdf (1 MB)
Day 2 session 2h - Offshore access systems and development of the Ampelmann
day-2-session-2h-offshore-access-systems-and-development-of-the-ampelmann.pdf (5 MB)
Day 2 session 2i - Cost Effective Load Monitoring
day-2-session-2i-cost-effective-load-monitoring.pdf (2 MB)
Day 2 session 2j - Safety Near Offshore WindTurbines
day-2-session-2j-safety-near-offshore-windturbines.pdf (3 MB)
Day 2 session 3b - Energy Island
day-2-session-3b-energy-island.pdf (962 kB)
Day 2 session 3c - On the need of Energy storage at system level
day-2-session-3c-on-the-need-of-energy-storage-at-system-level.pdf (727 kB)
Day 2 session 3d - HV_DC Interconnectors
day-2-session-3d-hv_dc-interconnectors.pdf (705 kB)
Day 2 session 3e - Europe of Interconnector networks - Results of TradeWind
day-2-session-3e-europe-of-interconnector-networks-results-of-tradewind.pdf (8 MB)

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