Smulders WTC

Wind Turbine Constructions

Smulders Group has its origin in 1966 and has evolved into an international organisation with multiple subsidiaries. The core activities of Smulders Group consist of the construction, manufacturing, supply and assembly of steel and machine constructions.

Forming an active collaboration with the customer has been one of the key values within Smulders Group and this forms to the basis of how Smulders Group completes projects together with its customers, in line with the following vision:

“Thinking along and offer solutions to the customer, sound project management with respect for planning, transparency, flexibility, safe work, service-oriented with the red thread of delivering a high quality end product that meets the customer’s wishes.”

Smulders Group has all the facilities and disciplines to realize this vision in-house. Meeting required standards and having all essential certification are self-evident for Smulders Group. A work method which is enhanced by the drive of a flexible company with a no-nonsense mentality. By joint effort and combined capacity, Smulders Group can realize short delivery times while guaranteeing reliability of supply.

Bundling individual specialisms and experience forms a source of knowledge for all applications of steel. Through this unique collaboration between the companies, Smulders Group can honestly claim to control all facets of steel construction.

The core activities of Smulders Group are sub-divided over two divisions:

– Smulders Wind Turbine Constructions
– Smulders High-grade Constructions