Offshore Wind Energy in the Netherlands

By Chris Westra on

Results of We@Sea research in perspective.     We@Sea organised a successful conference on the results of the We@Sea R&D programme (2004-2009) on the large implementation of offshore wind energy in Den Helder,The Netherlands on December 1-2, 2009. In 2004 We@Sea started, with the integrated research and development programme: “Large-scale wind power generation offshore” focused …

Offshore Wind Power: Essential Innovations Organised by We@Sea and Associatie Technologie Overdracht (ATO)

By Chris Westra on

“Essential Innovations” Conference on Offshore Wind Energy Watch the video’s: We@Sea Conferentie Ampfelman vs. Reinout Prins Jan van der Tempel DOT Concept Neal Bastick Wim de BoomGustom sc On February 12 and 13, 2009 the first Dutch offshore wind energy conference was held in Den Helder, the Netherlands, organised by We@Sea/ATO/ NWEA. Many participants told us they …