Converting Offshore Wind into Electricity

By Chris Westra on

Electricity from the North Sea; The Netherlands is in a strong position. Dutch companies and centres of expertise benefit from the results of the We@Sea R&D program. Over the past five years, many aspects of harvesting wind energy from the North Sea were studied within the framework of the research program We@Sea. The results contribute …

Demonstration Ampelmann

By Jos Beurskens on

First real size demonstration of Ampelmann, a hydraulically stabilised access platform developed for offshore wind energy. Demonstration took place by accessing one of the wind turbines of the 108 MW OWEZ wind farm, off the coast of Egmond aan Zee. The weather circumstances were not optimal for testing a stabilizing platform as the waves were …

Birds and the colour of light

By Chris Westra on

Discussion with a Swedish colleague prompted me to find out what the biologist Hanneke Poot found out about colours of light and migrating birds. Information was found at the site:   It has been known for some time that migratory birds are much hindered by the lightning of oil platforms. The birds loose their …