Today, Working on tomorrow’s energy

By Chris Westra on

We@Sea is proud to present a brochure about offshore wind energy. We would like to show what we have achieved in the Netherlands so far, but more specifically the future plans and what we need in order to reach our targets. This publication focuses on the contribution of the Dutch industry to realise both the national offshore plans and the European initiatives.
Not only money, knowledge and expertise, but also target-oriented, stable and resolute policy is required. Stability in policy is still the main driver for potential investors and the best way to go for governments to help the development of an offshore wind industry. The strong Dutch offshore industry and centers of expertise are heavily involved in the development of offshore wind energy in the North Sea.
The market is dynamic with countless companies, working on or investing in offshore wind energy, or preparing to do so in the future. Along with the Netherlands other North Sea countries, in particular Denmark, the UK, Belgium and Germany are designing and constructing wind farms in the North Sea and have ambitious plans for the future. In 30 years? time, about 80,000 Megawatts (MW) in total will be installed in the North Sea, equivalent to 80 medium sized conventional electricity power stations supplying 100% clean electricity. The brochure can be downloaded below.


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