Windcat Workboats

Pushing energy to the max

Windcat Workboats is Europe’s leading provider of specialist crew transfer vessels to the offshore wind power industry, oil and gas industry and other offshore projects. The unique design of the vessels result in simple, fast, safe and comfortable transfer of personnel and equipment offshore. With over 650.000 safe transfers completed, the vessels have proven to operate in more challenging sea conditions than other competing vessels. Our vessels can be used to transfer crew and equipment, both during construction and O&M, as emergency response, standby or survey vessel but also for dive support and ornithological studies.

Windcat Workboats was founded in 2002 and has a long track record in serving the offshore wind industry. Our vessels have a proven operational track record in this field, having worked in England, Schotland, Ireland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Sweden. Windcat Workboats operates a fleet of 35 specialized crew transfer vessels in the offshore wind industry. With purpose built vessels and a strong shore organization; we aim to optimize vessel performance to help our clients achieve their operational goals.

High Quality Service
Besides the vessel design which has proven to outperform other vessels in the market, the company sets itself apart by delivering a high quality service aimed at maximizing vessel productivity for the client to achieve their goals in their operation.

Our commitment to quality and maximum productivity is shown in the quote below from one of our current charterers Fluor, construction company of the Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm.

“Windcat Workboats have operated to a high standard throughout the construction of the Greater Gabbard wind farm. The skippers and crews are highly skilled and professional operatives who will regularly go above and beyond their daily duties to achieve Fluors goals. There are many emerging companies offering wind farm transfer vessel services but I have found that what sets Windcat Workboats above other companies on project has been the 24/7 base management. The site managers and engineers are able to provide an unrivalled service that deals with all vessel issues in a timely manner ultimately maximizing vessel productivity. Their ethos and willingness to be flexible and work with the client to achieve operations is an attribute I wish most boat operators had.” Marine Manager – Fluor Limited