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WINDSPEED is an European project about offshore wind focusing on finding sound sites for wind farms at the North Sea. It will deliver a decision support system (DSS) tool using geographical information system (GIS) software. The DSS tool will produce maps, showing suitable area’s for wind farms taking into account other users and nature conservation areas (Natura 2000). The WindSpeed project consortium has gathered significant datasets on current sea uses and nature conservation areas as well as datasets needed to calculate the potential and cost of offshore wind. These datasets have been modified, harmonised and fed into a GIS-based Decision Support System (DSS) tool, which is being developed within the project. The DSS tool will be finalised within the next couple of months. Stakeholder workshops held last year (March – May 2009) gave relevant stakeholders the opportunity to provide input to the DSS tool. This spring, the consortium will initiate a scenario analysis, and use the DSS tool to investigate further the spatial opportunities and barriers for the development of offshore wind energy in the North Sea.


Here the second newsletter can be downloaded that gives a brief status of the different work packages in the project.

In autumn this year, scenario’s based on the DSS will be presented and discussed with the stakeholders to define a roadmap for the implementation of offshore wind energy at the North Sea.

Stakeholders from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the UK will be invited. The roadmap will also identify barriers and potential surplus conditions in the North-European electricity grid along with policy recommendations on how to tackle these.

For more information:
please contact : Karina Veum
Westerduinweg 3
T: +31 224 564828

Inventory of current and future presence of non-wind sea use functions
Identification and analysis of interactions between sea use functions

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